When you wear AFOs, normal socks and shoes often do not fit.

While long socks may work if they don't have a "foot" in them, for many kids they are still to awkard.

The Spastic Centre of NSW GOmobility program now sells special socks for people using AFOs in various sizes. Phone them on 02 9975 8202 or email rtapp@tscnsw.org.au for sizes and prices.
- Keeping Pace sell AFO socks
- Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne sells AFO socks

Here are some shoes that work well with AFOs:

- Hatchback shoes (boys and girls version). US company. A link to their seizing chart (using those impossible inches) can be found on the bottom of the webpage and when you get to the checkout. Trying to get them to confim that they can deliver to Australia (their web checkout does not allow it).
- Keeping Pace orthopedic shoes and AFO shoes for kids
- Schein Shoes have good AFO shoes
- Based in Melbourne - Extra Depthf ootwear from Crispin Cobblings
- Bite Shoes also work (as do wide "normal" shoes like New Balance)
- Have a look at this page on Healthy Feet Store- Wide Shoes for kids
- Healthy Shoess tore has some promising links
- Custom made shoes and support boots by Shoby Shoes

The Best Non Slip Shoes